Welcome to EasyRams...

….. the UK’s only breeders of 100% New Zealand genetically sourced Suffolk, Texel and Sufftex rams. We both use NEW ZEALAND genetics and also fully embrace the philosophy of NZ ram breeders - to supply rams, produced under management systems similar to those our clients use, and which are guaranteed to increase their profits.

We and 250 clients over the last 6 years have discovered that the EasyRams’ Suffolk Texel and Sufftex are active and robust sheep which thrive on a grass based diet with NO supplementary feed serving very large numbers of ewes within a single cycle and to living much longer than traditional UK breeds thus reducing client’s costs.

Increasing sale and client numbers convince us that that we are on the right track. We look forward to hearing from you and would love to show you our sheep which we are confident have much to offer commercial sheep farmers.

Best Wishes

Robyn, Philippa, Nicholas, James and Lucy Hulme



“We will provide British Sheep farmers with grass produced rams that we guarantee will enhance the profitability of their sheep enterprises through increased output and reduced costs.”